Amazing Photos On Occasion 35th Anniversary of ‘Brothers in Arms’ Album

Amazing Photos On Occasion 35th Anniversary of ‘Brothers in Arms’ Album

Amazing Photos On Occasion 35th Anniversary of ‘Brothers in Arms’ AlbumRoberto Sanchez with his Resonator Guitar!

First of all, Roberto Sanchez is a producer, guitarist, and singer from Spain. He is a lead singer in the tribute group called “aLCHEMY pROJECT,” which is exclusively based on reproducing the Dire Straits Concert Alchemy.

For the Brothers in Arms album 35th anniversary he has made interesting photos as a tribute to this perfect album. “This is my humble tribute to the 35th anniversary of Brothers in Arms album. I hope that you will like these photos,” he said.

Sanchez has also produce and compose his own music, highly influenced by the style of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. “My other influences are JJ Cale, Pink Floyd, and Eric Clapton,” he added.

His album is uploaded on his official website so you could click here and get it for free now! It is also available on Spotify. Besides, Roberto has also shared with us how he completed the unfinished song “Making Movies,” playing all the instruments by himself.

“Finally, I also decided to complete and record the unfinished song “Making Movies” by Dire Straits. I imagined how it could have been recorded in the studio. How it could be the “missing parts,” and created a 5-minute version in which I played all the instruments. I also did all the voices, mixing, and mastering,” he added.

The song is written by Mark Knopfler, and all the instruments in the video are played by Roberto. This is based on the Dire Straits incomplete demo.

“Based on my own interpretation of the demo, I composed some arrangements. As well as the ending that I hope are in keeping with the original idea,” he finished.

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