5 Rock Songs Guaranteed To Cheer You Up

5 Rock Songs Guaranteed To Cheer You Up


1. Dire Straits – “Walk Of Life”

This song is from Dire Straits, it is rare enough for a song to make you smile even though you’re still just a few seconds into it. The melody, the tune…everything is so good. Walk Of Life is one of the most loved 80s songs, that people in that time ever heard. It is so old school and filled with so much energy. How many of you remember the time you played this over and over again on vinyl?

Yes, the best days of our lives, makes us wish we can go back to these awesome, simpler times. If you’re into feel-good type of Rock N’ roll music, then this is something you’d enjoy. If you’re listening to this while on a road trip though, be careful. You might wanna stop the car so you can dance along – true story.

2. The Band – “The Weight”

The collective reaction when we hear this song after a long time always was – “Why is there no more music like this anymore?” Sure it doesn’t have the upbeat tune that makes you want to dance around but there’s something refreshing about it. The vocal performance is so solid and they are unbelievably good.

The writer, Robbie Robertson said: “In ‘The Weight’ it was this very simple thing. Someone says, ‘Listen, would you do me this favour? When you get there will you say “hello” to somebody or will you give somebody this or will you pick up one of these for me? Oh? You’re going to Nazareth, that’s where the Martin guitar factory is. Do me a favour when you’re there.’ This is what it’s all about. So the guy goes and one thing leads to another and it’s like ‘Holy s**t, what’s this turned into? I’ve only come here to say “hello” for somebody and I’ve got myself in this incredible predicament.’”

3. The Monkees – “I’m A Believer”

There’s no way you can listen to this and not sing along. The tune is so catchy you’ll be snapping your fingers to the beat without you noticing it. This easily makes it into our most favorite pop rock songs of all time. When you need something to brighten up your day, just plug this in and crank it up.

This song would make you happy in a matter of seconds. It’s so much better than coffee in waking you up and keeping you cheerful all day long. Remember the first time you saw this on TV and afterwards, you just can’t stop grinning like crazy? Ah yes, those were good times.

4. The Beatles – “Here Comes The Sun”

This is probably the most powerful tune that we ever heard. This song, gives you that happy and feel-good vibe that just In a moment can make positive your mood. It is a sweet and charming composition. Anyway, back to the song, when George Harrison sings the line “And I say it’s all right…”, it makes you feel as though everything is better.

There is no wonder about that this song is best known song while George was still with The Beatles.  On not-so-awesome days and cold nights, you may want to put this on max volume. You’ll be smiling in no time, we promise you.

5. Queen – “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Freddie Mercury was one of the best musical geniuses. When Freddie sings, everyone listens. Ladies and gentlemen, this is officially the best feel-good song according to cognitive neuroscientists. Yes, even science approves.

When we hear this, it somehow compels us to dance around, wave our hands in the air and just groove to its beat. If you think there’s something about it that lifts your mood, then you’re not alone. Those who studied it found out that the combination of the catchy, fast tempo and positive message from the lyrics contribute to the happy emotion you get.

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