“Brothers In Arms” – Classical Acoustic Fingerstyle Cover

“Brothers In Arms” – Classical Acoustic Fingerstyle Cover


Mladen Pashut is a fingerpicking guitarist from Zagreb, Croatia – He with his musical talent and own sweet music tabs, chords and style of playing guitar, gives us an infinitely easy music to hear. With a lot of experience, he played on many festivals and theaters in his country, and also had a lot of live performances.

On his YouTube Channel he has shared his videos where he played covers from songs especially from Tommy Emmanuel which is his favorite guitarist and idol. Also he shared videos from his solos, and one video where he made an amazing finger-style cover of “Brothers In Arms” from Dire Straits.

The acoustic fingerstyle cover of “Brothers In Arms” is done with a very classic sound which Pashut deliberately made just so the song has the same sound like the original song. Down below you can check the video of Pashut’s performance, enjoy.

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