One retrospective of the events that were and the events that will be

One retrospective of the events that were and the events that will be

Mark Knopfler

Back in 2015 when Mark Knopfler released his latest album ‘Tracker’ in March, he made up European Tour. In Italy he had five concerts, the first one was in Milan on 28 May 2015 and after two months he had three concerts in a row in Barolo, Rome and Lucca.

At the time, the media and newspapers wrote about Mark’s new album and why he didn’t want to give interviews. And the reason for that, probably was because he didn’t want to hear the same questions about Dire Straits and their reunion.

But after all, who cares, the Italians have listened to Mark live that summer at Cavea – Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Since the Dire Straits break-up, Mark Knopfler every time on the questions about reunion said ‘No’, so there is no chance that to be happens. Maybe, there is a little hope for all of us, when this year Dire Straits will be introduced into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so we will see if there will be reunion.

Of course that Mark and Dire Straits were one thing, and precisely he was the “Deus ex Machina” which on Latin means “God from the machine”. Basically, the configuration of Dire Straits as one-man band, made him to be one of the greatest, and the many collaborations that he had with great musicians, composers and guitarists made the comparison with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton to not pass through the air.

And if anyone wanted to have a clue as how the sequel to On Every Street could have been, the last album by Dire Straits before the break-up, it would be enough to listen again the solo album of Mark Knopfler – Golden Heart. A series that since 1996 counts more than eight albums published at the average of one every two to three years. Neither a lot nor a little.

Mark has always been like that, he never liked to overdo it and the records he always published were of material that was worth it. So, we can expect something similar from him this year in March from his new album. Something with light breath of a legendary voice accompanied by the soft caresses of a guitar.

The media and newspapers must know that it is best to wait and see what will be happen in 2018 after Mark will published his 11th solo album. The possibilities of Dire Straits reunion will be created by all ex band mates and fans who still remains on the charm of the sound that over the years almost is magical.

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