NASA, Mark Knopfler & His Minor Planet in Our Solar System

NASA, Mark Knopfler & His Minor Planet in Our Solar System

nasa-mark-knopfler-dire-straits-blog-news-minor-planet-solar-systemNASA, Mark Knopfler & His Minor Planet in Our Solar System

A very interesting post today was shared on the official Twitter profile of Mark Knopfler. Namely, this is not new news, but it is interesting to share with all our fans, followers, and also readers on our blog.

Namely, in 1998 NASA has confirmed that a minor planet, with a size of 4.86 kilometers in diameter is moving and orbiting somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. That planet was then named after one of the best guitarists and musicians on our planet Earth.

This is an interesting thing because it is rare for Mark, and also interesting because NASA does not find some new planets every day.

This planet is orbiting in our solar system, it is real and it was named ‘Markknopfler (28151)’. Also, this is one of over 600,000 numbered minor planets in our solar system.

This has been published on the official website of NASA, and if you want you can click HERE to read more about this planet.

For us, firstly as fans, and secondly as a blog team, this is a very big fulfillment in our hearts. We’re very grateful to NASA for this discovery and we’re honored that this planet is called after Mark Knopfler.

Few facts for this planet:

  1. Discovery date: October 22, 1998, by ODAS at Caussolos.
  2. Official planet name: ‘28151 Markknopfler’.
  3. Named after one of the greatest musicians and guitarists in the world – Mark Knopfler. Now he is a solo artist, producing music with country, blues, and Celtic inspiration.
  4. Size in diameter: 4.86 kilometers = 3.019864 miles.
  5. The planet is orbiting somewhere between planets Mars and Jupiter.

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