Musicians who made mistakes taking drugs

Musicians who made mistakes taking drugs


In the world of music there are many talented musicians who probably in the beginning of their careers and many of them in the early 80s had nothing before they started with music.

Sooner or later the most talented musicians, guitarists or singers of one era they were divided into several bands. And then their careers started upward. Good living, money, gambling, alcohol, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll as they said that is their life style, but sometimes all of that must have some sort of limit.

Probably if you are a part of the rock n’ roll life, you know these things, but one mistake and your life will never be the same again. That road rarely has an exit. The problem of that all almost always is drugs.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of examples of musicians who made that very mistake. Some of them found a way to get back into life and their careers, and some of them are not among us anymore. They are up in the skies above. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham, Dee Dee Ramone, Bon Scott, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison…

On this list are some of the musicians who have a history of drug use. The point of all of this, is for readers to think about this problem, and teach you about the potential dangers of drugs and fame.

Keith Richards

Keith had as we might say a “crazy rock n’ roll life”. The Rolling Stones guitarist probably has tried every single drug you can imagine including heroin and cocaine. It’s a surprise that he is still alive after taking a lot of drugs and alcohol. In one interview he admitted that he taken little bit from the ashes of his father and snorted that with mix of cocaine. He also in one interview said: “Getting in is easy, the difficult is to get out of that whole circle of drugs. And I really do not recommend it to anybody.”

Keith Richards

Iggy Pop

The former addict and the godfather of Punk was addicted to heroin and as he said he was not enough dumb to enjoy that full high ride. Together with David Bowie they smuggled drugs. Iggy is now sober but his drug past is still part of Iggy Pop and The Stooges band history.

Iggy and Bowie

Eric Clapton

His song “Cocaine” which is originally written by J.J. Cale – was influenced by his drug addiction to, well, cocaine. But that wasn’t the only drug he took. His $16,000 a week heroin habit almost drove him to suicide in the 1960s when he was with Cream. But he did not make that because then he stopped drinking. These all addictions with alcohol and different drugs got him car crashes, health problems. Now Clapton is sober, but his drug part of his life is still a black spot on Clapton’s history as a musician.

Saul Hudson (Slash)

Now, this is the real easy choice, to pick for who had a drug problem in the 80s and 90s. The Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash – had a history of drug problems. The song “Mr. Brownstone”, was influenced by not just Slash’s heroin habit, but the whole band’s heroin habit.

Even before the making of their hit album “Appetite for Destruction”, he struggled with heroin addiction. In 2001, he was diagnosed with a heart problem, and doctors said he has a short time to live. But therapy and a pacemaker saved his life, now he is sobered up and says he has no regrets.

Steven Tyler

Front man of the Aerosmith – Steven Tyler spent almost $6 million on cocaine, and together with his bandmate Joe Perry the guitarists struggled with addiction when they were with the band. Thanks to this he has attended multiple rehab sessions over the years. In 2009, he fell off the stage while under the influence. After the incident, he said the experience boosted his creativity. He has admitted that drugs ruined his life, cost him millions, and gave him hepatitis C.

Ozzy Osbourne

Judging on all the drugs he took over the years, he is like an Iron Man. The Prince of Darkness over the years of his musical career he has mixed alcohol with possibly every drug imaginable. Thanks to this, you barely understand what he’s saying in his songs and when he’s not singing.


He survived multiple overdoses, being fired from Black Sabbath, dealing with Randy Rhoads death, and urinating on the Alamo all of these whiles under the influence. He has also snorted ants and bit heads off bats. But the important thing is that he’s still alive, after abusing multiple drugs and drinking heavily.

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