Mark Knopfler – A Life In Songs (Documentary video Part 1 & 2)

Mark Knopfler – A Life In Songs (Documentary video Part 1 & 2)


Today official Mark Knopfler YouTube Channel was updated with one interesting 13-minutes documentary video about the life in songs of Dire Straits.

From the beginning of his career to the top from periods when Dire Straits started to fill concert halls and centers, in this video, Mark Knopfler talked about his early periods when he worked as a club reporter for “Yorkshire Evening Post” in Leeds.

Journalism was a great thing for him at the time. Because of that, he started to be more organized and he knew how to put things together when something was complicated.

During the time he lives in Leeds, he continued to play music and also to writing lyrics. After that together with his brother David, bass player John Illsley and Pick Withers on drums, they formed a band who later become Dire Straits. They had some pre-concerts and after that Knopfler realized that he must record some of the songs.

Charlie Garett who at the time was DJ on Radio London, allowed them to play their demo tape on his radio show. More about life in songs you will find below. Enjoy!

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