Mark Knopfler Greeted the Audience with: “Galicia Calidade!”

Mark Knopfler Greeted the Audience with: “Galicia Calidade!”

Mark Knopfler, A Coruña, Spain May 3, 2019 - Money For Nothing

Mark Knopfler yesterday had his last concert at the Coliseum de Coruna in Coruna, Spain. He waited until finishing the fifth song ‘Romeo & Juliet’ to addressing to the audience. at the front of more than 8,500 people he said: “I think I’m also in love with you,” and after that he also added that he is very happy to be back in Coruna.

He thanked to the all 8,500 people who were at the concert in Coliseum. The quiet guitarist with precise punctuation’s and his deep voice said: “It’s nice to be back to Galicia. The first time I came here I was a boy, now I am an old man.”

He also greeted the audience several times in English, although he could pronounce in Galician the motto: “Galicia Calidade!”

Yesterday was almost a magical reverence of night and probably the last time how people in Coruna listened to the Scottish genius live. This concert in Coruna were his penultimate concert of his 2019 World Tour Down the Road Wherever in Spain and it was an exhibition of virtuosity.

The guitar solos shone above his voice, slow and deceptively expressionless. Mark Knopfler presented his latest album, the one that gives name to the tour and played some of the greatest songs from his career. Without a doubt, the favorites of the audience were ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in The West.’

During concert which lasted for an hour and 45 minutes, Knopfler traveled from the classic rock to the popular music, from folk to country without stops in the blues. Some real professionalism performances from a guitar legend such as Mark Knopfler.

Below is 36-minutes-video from his concert in Coruna a short compilation of several songs. Enjoy!

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