John McLaughlin on his final US Tour

John McLaughlin on his final US Tour

John McLaughlin

Musicians never die. Music is show, must go on. John McLaughlin is one of the best musicians and guitarists. He is also from the era of Dire Straits, but John started his career earlier than DS and Mark Knopfler.

John who now has 75 years, is so excited about this tour. This man has what to show. With his band The 4th Dimension, people will listen some old and new materials from them and also they will throwback the sound from the early 60’s and 70’s.

“It’s almost full circle in the sense that I arrived at the end of the 60s in New York to play with Tony Williams, and I ended up playing with Miles Davis 48 hours after I arrived and continued to play with him until the last concert in Paris in 1991.”

“In fact, it was Miles who pushed me to form my own band in October of 1970. He told me straight it’s time to form my own band and that was Mahavishnu Orchestra. In USA the way it was embraced, I can’t express my feelings about that. I wanted to do this tour in America, and to thank the American people for the impact that American music had on me my entire life. It’s the only way I can really say goodbye and thank you”, said John.

On 1 December at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Mexico, McLaughlin and Herring will be playing a special show in memory of Spanish guitar legend Paco de Lucia, which will have special meaning for John.

“I really miss him…I talked to de Lucia the month before he died, on Mexico on the beach playing football with his kid. We’d already exchanged music and planned a duo album of new music together from autumn of 2012 on. He sent me some pieces and I did it too. That record will never be made, of course, but one of the pieces I subsequently recorded (‘El Hombre Que Sabia) – (The Man Who Knew)’ on 2015’s Black Light album just as homage. It’s still hard after all these years. It’s like losing family”, added John.

Also McLaughlin and company have dates booked through December 9, in Los Angeles with Jimmy Herring and the Invisible Whip on the tour and playing an encore set of Mahavishnu Orchestra material together.

“You realize as you get older that tomorrow is not guaranteed for anybody. I really consider every concert to be my last one since we don’t know when we’re going to be taken away and sent back to that wonderful place we came from. We’re just going to play and have a lot of fun, and I’m excited”, added John.

John McLaughlin till now had collaborations and performances with many musicians and bands: Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Paco de Lucia, Jimmy Herring, Al Di Meola, Tony Williams Lifetime, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Joey DeFrancesco, Shakti.

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