John Illsley: “I should ask Mark to make some new tracks with me”

John Illsley: “I should ask Mark to make some new tracks with me”

John Illsley.

Before one year in 2016, former Dire Straits bassist – John Illsley had an idea to say something about his ex-band.

Speaking about the release of his lasts solo album “Long Shadows” which is amazing album, Illsley talked about recording the new LP at his friend and former bandmate Mark Knopfler’s studio – and pointed out that even though the two remain friends, they don’t see the point of trying to recapture the past.

“We’ve talked about Dire Straits, but I think we’ve come to the conclusion to leave it the way it is. It’s a very difficult to recreate the energy of 1991 or 1992, when we did last tour, which in my mind that was the best thing we ever did and the best band we ever had. To go back and try to recreate that…it would be quite difficult”, John said.

This should be mean that Illsley and Knopfler are both aware of lingering demand for a reunion.

“I know there would be an audience for it and all sorts of crazy offers come in from time to time. In a sense, it’s up to him, and I don’t feel that he wants to go there right now. I completely appreciate that right now. I’m very happy of what I doing now”, John admitted.

In fact, John is happy that he recorded some of the tracks of “Long Shadow” at Knopfler’s studio.

“I’ve already got some very nice and fine guitar players around me. Maybe on the next album I should to ask Mark, to make with me some new tracks. We have a very good relationship, so it certainly isn’t any reflection of our friendship”, finished John.

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