Happy Birthday John Illsley!

Happy Birthday John Illsley!

John Illsley

Born in 24 June 1949 – John Edward Illsley is an English musician, bass guitarist best known as ex-member of Dire Straits. As one of the founding band members, with guitarists brothers Mark and David Knopfler, John has been the recipient of multiple Brit and Grammy Awards and a Heritage Award.

Yesterday it was his 68th birthday, and we want to wish him all the best, good health and continue to do good songs as he did till now.

John was one of the founding band members in 1978, and he was one of the key role member in the band especially for his good music experience and his amazing playing of bass guitar. In Dire Straits he was till they disbanded in 1995 and after that John started his solo career, same like other members from the band.

During the years John produced two albums with Mark Knopfler as a guest musician and has helped Mark’s personal projects and charities. In 2012, John and Mark presented a TV-programme for Sky Arts called “Guitar Stories: Mark Knopfler” in which they presented six guitars that helped define Mark’s music.

Guitar-Stories – John & Mark.

Today, John has 8 solo albums and many collaborations with other musicians. The last album that John released was in 2016 – “Long Shadows” and from then we waiting to hear something new from this amazing guitarist.

Happy Birthday, John!

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