Kuba Badach & “Dire Straits Symphonic” project

Kuba Badach & “Dire Straits Symphonic” project

Dire Straits Symphonic - Project

Can you imagine how good would be sounds if you put together rock n’ roll with the symphony? Below we write about one amazing project in Poland and also there are videos. Enjoy!

“Dire Straits – Symphony” is a project where Rock N’ Roll music and symphony come together to satisfy even the most demanding listeners. This project was created by three amazing musicians and originators Krzysztof Herdzin which is the author of brilliant orchestral arrangement, Kuba Badach – vocalist and Marek Napiórkowski – guitarist.

This project, include many of the classic hits from Dire Straits like “Money for Nothing”, “Sultans of Swing”, “Walk of Life”, “Brothers in Arms”. The way of playing this songs, is new dimension for listeners. Unique sound which the music of the Polish jazz scene complemented by the whole.


The legendary British band, have a lot of faithful fans in Poland, and thanks to this beautiful music project and their originators, fans have a chance to listen a new versions of favorites songs from Dire Straits.

This project had few concerts in Poland together with symphony orchestra, and they showed the whole new spirit into the music of Mark Knopfler and played their interpretations masterfully.

Dire Straits is band that is best of all time and the imitation of their music is difficult to do. “We are not cover band, this project is a multicultural blend”, add this Napiórkowski.


The trio of leaders along with bassist Bartek Szetela, pianist Tomasz Kałwak and drummer Pawel Dobrowolski, made concerts around Poland, and every of them was nearly of two hours which they also played a series of them solos. The musicians also played some of Knopfler’s solo songs, including the lyrical, instrumental ballad “Local Hero”.

The authors have made sure their project is perfected in every way and in terms of craftsmanship was a musical masterpiece. And even if there was a lack of rock sometime inseparably linked to Knopfler’s work at times, it was worth closing the eye and to enjoying the enormous imagination and virtuosity of the performing artists.

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