David Knopfler in Spain for his last show of 2017

David Knopfler in Spain for his last show of 2017

David Knopfler

In 1977 David Knopfler founded one of the greatest band in the world Dire Straits. Before David leaved the band, he had amazing career and together with his brother, Mark Knopfler they achieved success throughout the world.

With Dire Straits, David has recording two albums and he was on tour with the band in various stadiums. Actually, he was on the recording sessions for the third studio album “Making Movies” but his name is not on the record. After leaving the Dire Straits, David started his solo career as singer-songwriter and released his own compositions on several albums.

For more than three decades David has written and produced his own music. He has recorded 13 solo albums, without compromising his art. This year David together with Harry Bogdanovs had few concerts/shows around Germany and United Kingdom.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of David Knopfler’s musical career and the founding of Dire Straits, David with his band, special guest Alan Clark, and Danny Cummings, will have his last show for 2017 in Bilbao, Spain on 11th October 2017 at Sala BBK Bilbao. Otherwise, Alan Clark is old friend of David and ex-member of Dire Straits.

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The band will perform songs from David Knopfler’s solo albums as well as classic material from the early years of Dire Straits. Sounds of “Wilds West End” and “Where Do You Think You’re Going?” in combination with a collection of David’s contemporary works in a more dramatic rock format.

If you are somewhere near to Spain, you can “jump up” to Bilbao and listen David Knopfler for last time in 2017.

Big thanks for David’s official manager, Dirk Ballarin.

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