The Crystal Sound of Dire Straits – Part I

The Crystal Sound of Dire Straits – Part I

Dire Straits 1978.

At the time when Dire Straits started with performing, they had no idea how far they can go.

In 1978 the music has such different sounds and styles. At the time, the frontman of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler made an incredible span with three genres of music, mainly Rock N’ Roll with acoustic, electric and bass guitar, drums and saxophone, country music and blues. That was his formula for making music, and the style of Dire Straits songs.

All the guitars belonging to Mark Knopfler are so important for the music and history of Dire Straits because they’re the ones that gave us that crystal sound that Mark Knopfler has made it.

Mark Knopfler was the guy who wrote all the songs for Dire Straits. In 1978 Dire Straits made the world hit ‘Sultans of Swing’, a song that has the most amazing rhythm. Mostly, Mark Knopfler is known for his amazing style of making music. The formula that he had was mixing Rock N’ Roll, country and little bit blues music. That is his style, and that sound is very addicting to the people’s ears. The sound is amazing when you’re listening to Dire Straits songs, isn’t it?

The first album of Dire Straits was released in 1978 with nine songs on both sides. The album was absolutely full of hits, including the songs like: ‘Down to The Waterline’, ‘Water of Love’, ‘Setting Me Up’, ‘Six Blade Knife’, ‘Southbound Again’, ‘Sultans of Swing’, ‘In The Gallery’, ‘Wild West End’, and ‘Lions’.

At the time, ‘Sultans of Swing’ was the song that connected all the people around you, with the echoes of the electric guitar of Mark Knopfler. He was responsible for all those sounds and music. With his Stratocaster Mark made people feel something new in their minds.

All nine songs from the first album – Dire Straits (1978).

Dire Straits became a band with classic hits, and in the middle of the new wave at the end of the 70s’ and beginning of the 80s’ grown into a band which years later still has the same magic.

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