There Аre Little Chances that Dire Straits Will Make Another Reunion

There Аre Little Chances that Dire Straits Will Make Another Reunion

Sanremo 1981 - Dire Straits.

The ex-member of Dire Straits – bassist John Illsley remains good friends with Mark Knopfler, but Dire Straits won’t get back together. John said that there is little chance of Dire Straits making a reunion. But the friendship of John and Mark is really in a good state. John released his latest solo album Long Shadows in May 2016 where he worked with Phil Palmer also from Dire Straits and some others guitarists and singers.

John recorded the album at Knopfler’s British Grove Studios, and even then Knopfler do not appear on the album, John said that that isn’t a reflection on their relationship.

John said: “I’ve already got some very fine guitar players around me. It felt that maybe I was over-egging the pudding if I asked Mark to do it. Maybe on the next album we will do a song together again. We have a very good, solid relationship so it certainly isn’t any reflection of our friendship.”

On the potential for a Dire Straits reunion, Illsley adds:

“We’ve talked about it but I think we’ve come to the conclusion to leave it the way it is. It’s very difficult to recreate the energy that we had in 1991 and 1992. The best thing that we did and the best band we ever had must stay in 90’s. We were the band that so many people loved us and our music. If we start to make new songs and albums that energy won’t be same like in the 80’s or 90’s. To go back and try to recreate that and make it would be so much difficult.”

“I am so happy now of what I do, and I think that Mark is also happy of what he is doing. We all have different and solo careers and that is it. We were Dire Straits sometime, today we are all “solo” story”, finished John.

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