Three Documentary Videos from Mark about “Tracker” album

Three Documentary Videos from Mark about “Tracker” album

Mark Knopfler.

Here is a short documentary film with three parts, with the deluxe edition of 8th solo album from Mark Knopfler. An interesting preview, documentary footage from the making of the album Tracker.

Tracker album was released on March 2015, and is available on CD, double vinyl and deluxe CD with four bonus tracks. A box set version includes the album on CD and vinyl with a bonus CD featuring six extra bonus tracks.The film is directed by Henrik Hansen. With the follow up from 2012 album Pravateering, Mark continues as a songwriter ahead on his skills as a guitarist and a performer. He said that his position as a songwriter is just to try to make a good recording of a good song, and then the song to walks out the door and goes off to have a life of its own.

In this documentary you will see how wonderful it is to work in British Gorve Studio where Mark goes to write songs and to record it. British Grove Studio is studio where he recorded Tracker album. One song which reminds Mark of Dire Straits sound is song “Beryl” which is about Beryl Bainbridge and Mark was so inspired that he wrote song about her.

There is a second video where Mark talks about how important it is to write song to recorded it and then to play to people where you can enjoy in the whole circuit. Mark  also talks about how he likes to mix the songs with improvisations of his guitars and etc. Down below are the three parts of video where he talks about his album Tracker.

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