Your quote of the day (10.06.2017)

Your quote of the day (10.06.2017)


Another day, another fresh start with positive vibes. Today for you, we have quote which belongs to John Francis “Jack” Welch, Jr. born in 1935.

Your quote of the day
Change before you have to.

You know boys and girls who are adjusting to adolescence. A young man, woman is struggling with relationship challenges and the pressure is piling up threatening to rip them apart. A middle-aged man is struck with awe and wonder going through mid-life crisis… Change in life could be the result of bereavement, poverty, loneliness or any difficulty life throws at you.

None of these adjustments come easy. Yet, you make necessary changes as you pass through different stages in life. Your body goes through the process of change from birth to death, so is your brain, the decision making organ. Don’t need to wait and grow up to change your mind. Do it now!


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