Sunday Movie – “Zappa” (2020)

Sunday Movie – “Zappa” (2020)

sunday-movie-zappa-documentary-2020-dire-straits-blog-moviesSunday Movie – “Zappa” (2020)

Last week we shared an interesting blog post and a recommendation for the movie “The Color of Money”. This Sunday, we would like to recommend you another interesting movie.

Zappa” is a documentary movie from 2020. It is a deep look into the life and work of the musician Frank Zappa.

Director Alex Winters on this documentary has worked full four years. He used footage from the life of Frank that has never before seen in the public.

The movie is composed of comments from Frank, his wife Gail, guitarists Steve Vai and Mike Keneally, members of the band Mothers of Invention, and others. An interesting thing is that the complete financial budget for the movie it was raised through the website in the amount of $1,200,000 in just one month by 8,000 Zappa’s fans.

“Alex had unlimited access to everything in our vault and complete creative freedom to make this movie, unlike other filmmakers,” says Zappa’s son Ahmet.

“This movie is by far the most intimate and comprehensive view of Frank Zappa’s innovative life, which Frank narrated in his own words. It’s pretty amazing what Alex has accomplished. This is a true documentary about Zappa.”

During the watching of the documentary, you will see closely the life and work of this unique and controversial musician. You will also see never-before-seen home movies, live recordings, and interviews from the archives of the Zappa Foundation.

“Zappa was an extremely complicated and brilliant man who had as many enemies as he had fans. I hope that after the documentary, the audience will consider him an amazing and significant American performer, as I consider him,” Winters told for Rolling Stone.

“The film is full of surprises for the fans. I think they will be most touched by the intimacy and real experience of who Zappa really was.”

Unfortunately, this documentary is not available on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO. You’ll need to purchase or rent the documentary to watch it on Amazon Movie.

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