Sunday movie – Proposal from team of DSB

Sunday movie – Proposal from team of DSB

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Dire Straits Blog is another weekend with you, this time we want to propose one amazing movie based on a true story about Ritchie Valens one of the youngest pioneers of Chicano Rock N’ Roll music and Chicano movements in the 50s.

‘La Bamba’ is an American biographical movie from 1987 based on a true story. The movie is about the life and career of young Chicano Rock N’ Roll star Ritchie Valens who tragically died at age of 17 in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper. The main role in the movie is Lou Diamond Phillips who play as Ritchie Valens.

The movie depicts the effect Valens’ career had on the lives of his half-brother Bob Morales, his girlfriend Donna Ludwig and the rest of his family. The name of the movie is according to his biggest hit song called “La Bamba”.

Interesting facts: The original title for the movie was “Let’s go”. At the first family party, the old lady sitting by Ritchie and the man is Ritchie Valens’ mother, Connie Valenzuela. She died on October 18, 1987, at the age of 72, only three months after the film’s release.

Roger Ebert liked the film and the screenplay, writing, “This is a good small movie, sweet and sentimental, about a kid who never really got a chance to show his stuff. The best things in it are the most unexpected things: the portraits of everyday life, of a loving mother, of a brother who loves and resents him, of a kid growing up and tasting fame and leaving everyone standing around at his funeral shocked that his life ended just as it seemed to be beginning.”

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