‘Sultans of Swing’ – Solo on Seaboard by Steven Parry

‘Sultans of Swing’ – Solo on Seaboard by Steven Parry

Steven Parry - Sultans of Swing - Seaboard Version

Steven Parry was born in Aarau, Switzerland on March 15, 1983. At the age of six, he made the first touch attempts on the synthesizer and keyboard, and a year later he began taking keyboard and piano lessons.

As a teenager, Steven founded his first band and started with writing and composing his first songs as well as recording them on an 8-track-tape machine. He completed his arrangements with vocals, guitar, drums, and bass.

In 2006 he graduated from high school in Aarau and the sound engineering school SAE in Zurich, Altstetten. In the following years, he founded the jazz and chanson combo called “Sugar and the Josephines” together with other musicians. They composed songs, tinkered with the sound of his self-made films and invested continually in the acquisition of digital music equipment.

Today, Steven is a self-employed musician and producer. He plays in several bands, and in the past years, he has a lot of influences flow into his songs, so that is a mixture of harmonic electro, pop, and melodic indie pop and rock.

Below you can watch his video version where he played ‘Sultans of Swing’, on his seaboard. Enjoy!

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