Solo of The Day: “Money for Nothing” by Michael Napoli

Solo of The Day: “Money for Nothing” by Michael Napoli

Michael-napoli-dire-straits-money-for-nothing-solo-video-cover-solo-of-the-day-blog-post-news-fans-fanclubSolo of The Day: “Money for Nothing” by Michael Napoli

Today we would like to present you a short solo and guitar cover video of the song ‘Money for Nothing’ in performance by Michael Napoli.

Michael Napoli is a professional musician based in Sydney, Australia. He works in musical bands such as In The Heights, We Will Rock You, Catch Me If You Can, etc. “I also work in a duo called XO Duo. I play some traditional music with the Steki Band as well,” he said.

During the lockdown period, Michael has started a few bands projects for fun. “I’m always doing something different, and the gigs and sessions work pops up, keeps things fun for me”, he added.

At the time of the lockdown, he has also recorded over 50 cover videos. As he said, those videos have helped him to reach his goals and to work towards them. “So that’s where the motivation for ‘Money for Nothing’ cover and all my other videos came from”.

Michael has also told us more about his love for Dire Straits. “Dire Straits are the reason I started playing guitar when I was 14 and went on to pursue music as a career. I was shown their first album on vinyl, and It felt like everything fell into place when I heard it.”

“I was obsessed, I used to sit in front of the vinyl player all day and I probably wore that vinyl out completely with the amount of times I listened to it; As soon as I’d saved enough money, I went and got a guitar. Then sat in front of the vinyl player while trying to teach myself to play along with it (which I’m sure sounded horrific at the time).”

“The obsession is still very real for me; I love all their music. Also, I continue to love and follow all of Mark’s solo career as well. Actually, I flew over to the UK in May 2019 just to see him on tour at the Royal Albert Hall! That was for the Down the Road Wherever Tour, and the show was incredible. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to see him live, so I’m glad I made it!”

For this short solo video, Michael played on his Epiphone Dot fitted with Dr. Wolftone Custom Pickups. The amp that he used is a 1964 Blackface Fender Deluxe, he also added: “I’m very lucky to have found and now own this relic amp!”

The cover is filmed from the headstock of Michael’s guitar using a GoPro Session.

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