New cover video from “Lady Writer” performed by David Claux

New cover video from “Lady Writer” performed by David Claux

David Claux - Lady Writer

We were in touch with David Claux last year when we have shared two articles about him. For those who didn’t know who is David – he is a musician from France, he loves music, guitars and he has an amazing musical talent.

Last year, he has made five solo cover versions from Dire Straits songs. Today, he is back with another cover song where he performed “Lady Writer” by Dire Straits.

Otherwise, he is from Paris, but for the last 12 years, he lived in the United States near Seattle. He is a computer science engineer and he design and implements software used by many people around the world, and he really enjoys that.

For his new cover version and for Dire Straits Blog, David said:

“Lady Writer is one of my all-time favorite Dire Straits songs. I love that it is fast-paced from start to finish and super energetic. I remember as I was learning ‘Sultans of Swing’ a year ago, trying to get the riff in the end solo right – it took me a long, long time and quite honestly even to this day I don’t get it right all the time. Lady Writer has that same riff at the end but repeated three times in a row, which makes it three times more difficult to get right! I had to shoot this one several times in order to make it sound as good as possible.”

“By the way, I like singing on my covers but maybe folks would prefer it if I didn’t. Let me know in a comment!”, finish David.

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