Mark Knopfler – Short interview talking about Beryl

Mark Knopfler – Short interview talking about Beryl

Beryl Bainbridge

Today we have a short audio interview for you where Mark Knopfler talking about Beryl, the lead song from his album “Tracker”. In the Soundcloud clip below, you can hear the Mark talking about his inspiration and motivation for writing the song named Beryl.

The thinking behind the lyrics and why he decided to give the track a retro Dire Straits style to match the era he was singing. You can also listen the song. The song is absolute great, with lot of live feelings and special style. With two words absolute amazing.

Song “Beryl” is about novelist Beryl Bainbridge, a writer for whom Knopfler has great admiration. As he explained, he was very aware that Beryl was not afforded the same sort of recognition as other authors because of the unspoken “class system”.

Bainbridge was nominated for the Booker Prize five times, for novels such as “The Bottle Factory Outing” and ‘An Awfully Big Adventure, but she never won. Beryl died in 2010 and was then awarded a Man Booker Special Prize in 2011.

The album from Mark Knopfler “Tracker” is released in March 2015 in the UK by Virgin EMI. Album have two discs, first disc have 10 songs and the second disc 6.

Beryl Bainbridge




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