Mark Knopfler: “How Gear Can Influence Music”

Mark Knopfler: “How Gear Can Influence Music”

Mark Knopfler sits with his 2011 Blue Pensa Custom Guitar

Mark Knopfler has this deceptively powerful advice about how gear can influence music.

“If you take your song and change the key or the instrument that you play it on, or you pick up something else and do it a different way, very often the instrument will dictate something new to you,” Knopfler said for the Guitar Player in September 2019.

He also added: “It’s the difference between sitting down with a piano and sitting down with a guitar, or sitting down with a Spanish guitar as opposed to an electric.”

“I often find that what I’ve written can yield something else. Even a different string gauge can create something completely different. Very often I’ve found that if I’m playing something with very heavy strings, I’m not bending them, and it leaves room for something else to happen.”


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