Lime Zest, Fresh Cucumber & Olive Oil

Lime Zest, Fresh Cucumber & Olive Oil

Lime Zest, Fresh Cucumber & Olive OilLime Zest, Fresh Cucumber & Olive Oil

The Portobello Road Gin has made an extraordinary limited edition with Mark Knopfler for their alcoholic drink bottle. Today, we would like to present to you some of the drinks that you can make with this beverage.

Local Heroes No. 3 is a bold gin that combines Portobello Road Gin’s nine signature botanicals with lime zest, fresh cucumber peel, and olive oil.

This unique combination of botanicals results in a robustly ginny profile with strong spice flavor and heat which are quickly tempered by the coolness of cucumber.

The bottle’s decorative label design was led by Mark and is inspired by his passion for guitars. On the inside label of each bottle, there is an image of his famous 1937 14-fret National Style “O” Resonator, as well as a nod to the days when Mark would sport a headband for his live performances. Each bottle comes with its own miniature version in red.

Click HERE if you want to buy your drink bottle. It’s a pleasure to have in your drink collection, as well as you can taste the ‘local hero’ spirit of West London.


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