Happy Birthday, John Edward Illsley!

Happy Birthday, John Edward Illsley!

Happy Birthday, John Edward Illsley!Happy Birthday, John Edward Illsley!

On this day, 72-years-ago, back in 1949 John Edward Illsley was born. John is best known as the bass guitarist of the famous English rock band Dire Straits. With it, he has received multiple awards and is known all around the world.

Illsley is born on 24 June 1949 in Leicester, England, and was raised there. In 1966 when he was only 17-years old he started his music career. Soon, he became more successful in his profession within a limited period of time, where he influenced people on the basis of his career and earned a lot of fame. Since then, to this day for the last 55 years, John is active in the field of music.

The interesting part of John’s life is that before the fame and while he attended Goldsmith College, University of London, he established a record store. While he was in London, he roomed with David Knopfler.

Shortly after John has met David’s older brother Mark, and thanks to the good vibes that they have at the time, the young talents and musicians began a new era in England, leading the band Dire Straits.

John is still active in music and wants to create music for future generations. As far as we know, John is preparing new material, probably a new album that we hope will be available to the public soon later this year.

On this occasion, we would like to congratulate him on his birthday and express him a lot of success, good health, and happiness in the coming years.

Happy Birthday, John!

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