Happy birthday to Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman

Happy birthday to Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman


If there’s one day of the year to listen to ‘Give Me One Reason’ it’s – March 30th.

March 30 is Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman’s birthday, which makes it the perfect day to listen to their incredible collaboration on “Give Me One Reason.”

Chapman wrote the hit song that was released back in 1995, and it is a thing of wonder on its own. But the best version ever recorded had the legendary guitarist on the track alongside Chapman, adding a little more flavor to the tune.

Chapman has one of the best voices of her generation and is no slouch on the six-string either. Clapton is one of the greatest guitarists to ever live and doesn’t have such a bad voice himself.  When you combine the two, they make a dynamic duo that will leave you wondering why they didn’t collaborate more often.

Chapman turns 54 years old this Good Friday, and Clapton is turning 73. You shouldn’t need a reason to listen to “Give Me One Reason,” but if you’re looking for an excuse, today is your day. Enjoy!

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2018/03/30/tracy-chapman-eric-clapton-give-me-one-reason/

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