Elton John and Aretha Franklin Celebrate Birthdays

Elton John and Aretha Franklin Celebrate Birthdays

The Queen of Soul and Elton John celebrate birthdays in same day.

Like all Dire Straits members who are big music stars, yesterday one of the best musicians in the world of music celebrated his 70th birthday.

Elton John who is active in the music industry since 1963 yesterday celebrated 70th birthday. He has many music hits and many many duets with super-star musicians from the world like Dire Straits and Eric Clapton, B.B. King to Eminem.

A bunch of solo studio albums, and duets with all musicians from the world. This tells that Elton John was and still is one of the legends in music. However on the 25th of March seems that there were born two music icons. In the same day the Queen of Soul – Aretha Franklin celebrated her 75th birthday in his home. Like Elton, she had many showcases and collaborations with many music stars like Ray Charles, James Brown, Elton John up to The Blues Brothers.

Because of that, we decided to make a little throwback. Down below you can check all the greatest music videos from them. Enjoy.

Elton John, Eric Clapton & Dire Straits – Sacrifice


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