How to play “Postcards from Paraguay” – Guitar Acoustic Lesson

How to play “Postcards from Paraguay” – Guitar Acoustic Lesson

Guitar lesson with Pavel Fomenkov.

Pavel Fomenkov is amateur songwriter and guitarist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Today, for all the fans which plays on the guitar and also want to learn how to play Knopfler’s songs, we have interesting post. First lesson from Pavel is how to play on acoustic guitar “Postcards from Paraguay”. In video which is down below, Pavel will show you the technique and chords for this song.

In the video which lasts just 21 minutes Pavel will show you how to play this song with all tricks and tips same like Mark Knopfler. Also Pavel had interview for DSB and in some of the next days we will share that. He has 22 years and he work on a project that he called “The Mark Knopfler Songbook”. Pavel have just 24 lessons from Mark Knopfler’s songs and he has 200 more to do. Enjoy in this video lesson and comment if this was helpful for you and your guitars skills.


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