Two Versions of “Human Nature” by John Mayer & Miles Davis

Two Versions of “Human Nature” by John Mayer & Miles Davis

John Mayer - July 7, 2009 - Staples Center - Los Angeles.

This blog-post is about the song “Human Nature” which was performed by many great names in the music history, from Michael Jackson, John Mayer, as well as Miles Davis.

Namely, John Mayer has performed this hit by Michael Jackson at the Michael Jackson Memorial in 2009. With his instrumental version of this hit, John Mayer honestly touched all the hearts of the fans of MJ and of course, the people who were at the Memorial Tribute at the time in Los Angeles. We all know how great Michael Jackson was and what he did to the music and people.

“I think everybody who watched the service, I think by the end of it – the best service of all was the service done to Michael Jackson to sort of rendering him finally as being a human being,” Mayer added.

Mayer was very respectful during the ceremony and while he played on the guitar. He didn’t know Michael and he didn’t act like they were best friends. He just went up there and played in silence and that’s what was most beautiful on the whole evening on that July 7, 2009, at the Staples Center in L.A.

Another amazing version from this song is made by the legendary Miles Davis. Namely, the jazz legend recorded this song in 1985. Steve Porcaro was thrilled when he first heard Mile’s version of his tune. You can check the Miles Davis live version of “Human Nature” below in the video from 1988 in Munich, Germany.

Steve Porcaro on one occasion said: “My father was a jazz musician and when I was growing up, most of the music we heard in our household was classical music and jazz of Miles Davis. He was my father’s hero. My brother Jeff learned to play drums listening to ‘Bag’s Groove.’ Miles Davis was ingrained in all of us, so I was completely thrilled. I was so honored. I remember doing a session with the bassist Neil Stubenhaus about six months after Miles did ‘You’re Under Arrest.’ He just cornered me and said “Do you realize how great it is to have Miles do one of your tunes? Do you have any idea what it means?” I certainly did. It’s one of the things I’m proudest of out of everything I’ve done.”

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