The First “Unbreakable” Guitar in the World

The First “Unbreakable” Guitar in the World

The First "Unbreakable" Guitar in the World

Known throughout the manufacturing industry as an innovative engineering group, the Swedish company usually build high-tech equipment for metal cutting, construction, mining, and other demanding tasks. But they recently collaborated with Drewman Guitars luthier Andy Holt to bring to life this steel and titanium guitar.

To put the guitar to the ultimate test, Sandvik put the guitar in the hands of Yngwie Malmsteen. After playing it in front of an excited crowd in a rock club outside Miami, Yngwie did his very best to destroy it.

He smashed it against his amp, he slammed it on the stage, he tossed it as high as he could, and as you can see in Sandvik’s video below, the guitar was intact, only suffering a few scratch marks.

“I gave everything I had, but it was impossible to smash,” Malmsteen said.

The guitar was made through a number of innovative practices. The body was built via additive manufacturing, in which a 3D printer transformed titanium powder into the Les Paul style body shape. The tailpiece and volume knobs were also created through 3D printing.

“We gonna make guitar that sounds good, and obviously it’s going to be indestructible, as well,” said Henrik Loikkanen the machining engineer.

“We would like to show that steel can actually be very, very strong and light at the same time,” said Tomas Forsman the research specialist.

“Well, I got my first guitar when I was 5 years old. And then when I was 7, I saw Jimi Hendrix smashing a guitar on TV. I thought it was cool. It’s a silly thing really,” said Yngwie Malmsteen.

“Lasers traced a design in beds of fine titanium powder, fusing layers of material one on top of the other. The layers, each thinner than a human hair, built up to make the body of the guitar,” Sandvik said.



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