The First Telecaster Electric Guitar Made with Noodles

The First Telecaster Electric Guitar Made with Noodles

The First Telecaster Electric Guitar Made with NoodlesThe First Telecaster Electric Guitar Made with Noodles

Daniel Seidel is a musician from Germany, but apparently music is not the only thing that he’s a fan of it. He must really love noodles too. Namely, he sent us an e-mail, where he wrote that he has something that might amaze our readers.

Inspired by the work of Burls Art – the guy who built a guitar out of 1200 pencils, Daniel has decided to realize his idea of building a custom guitar made out of udon noodles. Daniel’s video was also featured on the TV show called “Right This Minute – The Viral Video Show.”

“I was inspired by Burls Art doing his Epoxy Guitar, so I decided to do something no one has ever dared before. A guitar out of Udon Noodles with some UV powder to spice things up. This guitar looks and plays al dente. Though you’ve seen it all. Check out this one!” he wrote in the caption on YouTube.

If you want to learn how to build a “Noodlecaster” guitar, you should watch the video below. In the video, Daniel has explained which parts are most important for building a guitar like this one.

The first step is buying a lot of noodles, then five kilograms of epoxy resin. After that, you should find good usual pods where the guitar has with the all components including the body of the guitar. The next important thing is the silicone and the special UV powder.

To sum up, this is a very interesting project and idea. The complete building process of Daniel’s Epoxy resin guitar with the noodles you can watch it at the video below.

Glow In The Dark Guitar Made of Noodles

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