Few steps to play Mark Knopfler’s rhythm – Guitar Lesson

Few steps to play Mark Knopfler’s rhythm – Guitar Lesson

Mark Knopfler

In the video below, Anders will show you and teach you how to practice Mark Knopfler’s rhythm on your electric guitar.

In this lesson, you will learn how to imitate Mark Knopfler’s rhythm on your guitar electric guitar. Anders will play the example without a pick, with palm-muting, slides and ghost notes and triad based voicings.

Anders Mouridsen has been play guitar since he was 11. A native from Denmark, he studying and performing around Europe before making the jump to Los Angeles to pursue music.

With a degree with honors from MI’s Guitar Institute of Technology, Anders has performed and recorded with many renown artists including Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, John Fogerty, Taylor Swift, Faith Evans, Pink, and Nouvelle Vague.

Otherwise, he is expert for blues and country music and he is also master of many other guitar styles. He has a large catalog of lessons on chords, rhythm, scales, soloing techniques, global concepts, artist studies and an eclectic variety of songs on the site.

We will share more lessons from Anders where he will explain rhythms of Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Andy Summers.

Click on the link below to watch full video of the guitar lesson.

Guitar Lessons: Rhythm Masters: Mark Knopfler

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