Guitar of The Day: The Remarkable 1985 Fender Performer Resurfaces

Guitar of The Day: The Remarkable 1985 Fender Performer Resurfaces

Guitar of The Day The Remarkable 1985 Fender Performer ResurfacesGuitar of The Day The Remarkable 1985 Fender Performer Resurfaces

In the realm of guitars, where innovation and tradition often intertwine, a captivating piece of history has resurfaced. This time it’s about the 1985 Fender Performer.

Lost and Found – The Remarkable 1985 Fender Performer Resurfaces

This particular specimen, bathed in the mesmerizing Emerald Mist hue, has taken the spotlight. Drawing attention as possibly the rarest iteration of this eccentric electric guitar. The curtain is set to rise on a unique chapter in Fender’s legacy as this enigmatic piece goes up for auction later this year.

Exploring vintage guitars feels like a time journey, and this Performer propels us into a pivotal Fender history phase. The guitar world’s gaze falls upon a prototype, the Emerald Mist model, which denotes a transitional era for Fender.

A brainchild of former Custom Shop Master Builder John Page, who now commands his own company, the Performer was conceived as an exploration into the Superstrat market. This endeavor emerged as heavy metal’s rise in the 1980s led to a decline in the popularity of standard Stratocasters.

The Performer’s design intricacies are a testament to its unique purpose. With its angular double-cut body paired with a Katana-style headstock, the guitar boasts an unmistakable appearance.

Dual-slanted covered humbuckers grace its frame, signaling its intention to cater to the era’s evolving musical landscape. What sets this Performer apart is its maple fretboard, deviating from the standard rosewood on counterparts.

This deviation from the norm sparks intrigue, leading experts to speculate that this model might be a prototype. A glimpse into Fender’s creative process, a sample product perhaps, preceding the official Japanese-made production model. Beyond its exceptional fingerboard, the guitar retains the Fender System I tremolo system and an elegant Emerald Mist finish.

As this unique Performer resurfaces, it poses a compelling question: Could Fender revive the Performer for a new generation of players?

In a musical landscape where artists often embrace instruments that push boundaries, the Performer’s quirky design could find a comfortable niche alongside modern favorites like the Ernie Ball Music Man Kaizen and the Abasi Concepts Larada.

Moreover, the rekindled interest in Japanese-made Fenders, such as the resurrected Katana bass guitar and the intriguing Elemental Series, suggests a potential homecoming for the Performer and its spiritual siblings. In an age defined by innovative guitar design and genre-defying music, a contemporary take on the Performer could seamlessly blend the past and the future

Set to take center stage in September, this exceptional Performer promises to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike. To stay updated on this rare opportunity, visit Gardiner Houlgate’s website or explore their Guitar Auctions Instagram page.

This gem’s rediscovery fuels nostalgia and stirs excitement for future guitar innovation possibilities.

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