How to play “Golden Heart” – Guitar Acoustic Lesson

How to play “Golden Heart” – Guitar Acoustic Lesson


After four guitar lessons how to play songs from Mark Knopfler, today we get new email from Pavel Fomenkov. He is back with another Knopfler song, and probably one of most beautiful songs from Mark.

Pavel said: “Seriously, Golden heart is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Not only it was recorded live in the studio, that you can hear immediately, but the craftsmanship of the composer is outstanding. You can image musicians hearing it for the first time and going crazy. I’d be crazy for sure.”

Just in 9 minutes, Pavel will show you some tricks how to play this song on your guitar. He plays on his 1997 Gibson Advanced Jumbo guitar, and he is totally relaxed. From the video we can see that he enjoys in his lessons while he teaching other people how to played their favorites songs.

If “Golden Heart” is your favorite song, watch this video.


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