Pensa Suhr MK: A dream come true

Pensa Suhr MK: A dream come true


The desire for a life can become reality with a touch of clear ideas. Pensa Suhr is a guitar that Mark Knopfler have it for a long time, but that guitar is not for all people’s “pockets” if you know what we want to say, and to have it one that guitar it is a good idea as an indescribable emotion.

This story is from one fan from Italy which is fan of Dire Straits and the whole guitars in the world. His dream to have an Pensa Suhr MK guitar come true. The text below is published a year ago in 2016.

It was September 1992 when I first watched a Dire Straits concert in Cava de’ Tirreni (Italy) for the first time. As many believe, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Pensa Suhr guitar, and of course of the man who played on that guitar – Mark Knopfler.

At the time I had a Korean Squier Stratocaster, but that Pensa was deep in my soul. After 24 years and an arsenal of 16 guitars including Fender, Gibson and Paul Reed Smith, my dream to hold that jewel of guitar (Pens Suhr) in my arms never stopped.

So I bought a Schecter C1 Classic which was something near and looked very much like Pensa Suhr. Then I tried with Schecter Floyd Rose guitar but still was not the same like Pensa Suhr. In the end I was in one famous guitar store in Naples, Italy and they have a Suhr replica MK1, I saw it but anyway that Floyd Rose guitar was still enough for me, even that I wanted that replica so much.

1. Schecter Floyd Rose; 2. Schester C1 Classic

Years later after that, I have met one dear young boy who enjoyed in building musical instruments typically Strat and Telecaster. He told me that he began to experiment by building valuable guitars from wood to pickups and in some cases he also can build steel bridge.

He has replicated a Paul Reed Smith to perfection, also several guitars of Suhr and Les Paul and some guitars original designed by him. And then in my head I had immediately one brilliant idea.

Considering that an original Pensa Suhr costs 8,000€ and even more, one replica of Suhr cost to 5,000€. So I asked the guy if he could replicate the Pensa MK1 with some variations and specifications for me. He responded to me that this was feasible. He is only 27 years old and his name is Francesco Iovinella.

I personally bought all the necessary parts for making the guitar including the woods, the ebony of the keyboard and mahogany for the body. The whole process of creating that amazing guitar was experience that is not compare. In the end I have Pensa Suhr that I wanted so much 20 years ago, and my dream come true.

It great emotion to see how from nothing you can make something. Francesco, 27-year-old boy which I found him only 2 kilometers away from my home make my dream to be real. From scratch to an amazing guitar which mean lot for me. That guitar refreshed my heart.

My dream come true. That guitar is special for me, because I know what I did to realize my dream. I do not know why, but I felt the need to share this emotion.

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