New Episode of “The Collection” by Gibson Featuring Brian Ray

New Episode of “The Collection” by Gibson Featuring Brian Ray

Brian Ray for The Collection Episode

Yesterday, Gibson TV has premiered the second episode of the series titled “The Collection” which takes viewers on a deep dive into the extraordinary, personal guitar collections music’s biggest artists. In this episode, host Mark Agnesi joins Brian Ray the longtime guitarist, bassist, and singer for Paul McCartney.

Ray spent 14 years as a guitarist and musical director for Etta James, and for the last 17 years has played and toured the world with Paul McCartney. Ray’s first professional recording session was as one of the Crypt Kicker 5 on the hit “Monster Mash.”

Over the course of his 40 plus years’ career, Brian Ray has amassed an incredible collection of some of the world’s rarest vintage guitars. Brian is such a fan of Gibson guitars he had a Les Paul shaped infinity swimming pool added to his desert home in Palm Springs in California.

Watch as Brian Ray unveils his treasure trove of a collection along with the stories behind the guitars including 1957 Les Paul Std. Gold top, 1959 Les Paul Std Brust, 1957 Les Paul TV Model used by Richie Cunningham on “Happy Days,” 1962 Les Paul SG Junior in Sunburst one of a kind, 1962 Les Paul SG Std with Ebony block-which was the inspiration for Ray’s recently released Gibson Custom Brian Ray SG Jr., a super-rare 1963 Hummingbird Dove, as well as, a handful of 60’s era Fenders, a late 50’s Harmony Meteor and many more.

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