Harrison-Clapton 1957 Les Paul Standard “Lucy”

Harrison-Clapton 1957 Les Paul Standard “Lucy”


“Lucy” is the name that George Harrison of the Beatles gave to the unique red Gibson Les Paul Guitar. George received this guitar from Eric Clapton in August 1968.

The guitar previously was owned by rock guitarists John Sebastian and Rick Derringer, “Lucy” is one of the most famous electric guitars in the world. Some of the guitars are highly prized because of their vintage or history.

Gibson Custom brings together George Harrison and Eric Clapton, with one stunning instrument – the Harrison-Clapton 1957 Les Paul Standard “Lucy”.

This guitar is in limited edition of just 100 guitars worldwide. 50 of these are available exclusively through Guitar Center in the USA and Canada, with 50 more available through authorized Gibson Custom dealers around the World. In the video below, Eric Clapton shares his unique story about Gibson Harrison-Clapton Lucy Les Paul guitar with some of his most memorable moments.

Every Harrison-Clapton 1957 Les Paul Standard “Lucy” includes an Eric Clapton hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity encased in a white leather bound and embossed folio which includes a 180-gram vinyl copy of the Beatles’ White Album, owner’s manual and adjustment literature, and coverage by Gibson Custom’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.

Below we have pictures from one of the 100 guitars of “Lucy” which is on sale for $18,500.

The music world knows this guitar best as the red Les Paul that George Harrison used on so many Beatles recordings in the final years of the band’s career.


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