Harmony Reissues a Limited-Edition Retro-Tastic 8418 Combo Amp (Video)

Harmony Reissues a Limited-Edition Retro-Tastic 8418 Combo Amp (Video)

Harmony - Retro 8418 Combo Amp

While they were considered a “student” brand at the time of their production in the ‘50s and ‘60s, Harmony guitars and amps have become vintage favorites thanks to the modern players from Jack White to St. Vincent.

With a clear demand for more of these retro gems, BandLab Technologies purchased the Harmony brand in late 2017 with the intent to relaunch. In June 2019, the first new Harmony guitars – the Silhouette, Rebel, and Jupiter – marked the full return of the brand.

Today, we’re getting our first taste of the rebooted amplifier line, with the return of the 8414 Combo, a retro amp revived in a limited edition run of 150 amps.

In the video below, Andy puts the throwback combo to the test. This little guy comes with a 6’’ Jensen speaker, five watts, and a single knob for volume. It’s a classy epitome of that easy, plug-and-play aesthetic for practice or low-volume jams.

Source: https://reverb.com/news/video-harmony-8418-combo-amp-demo

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