“If This Is Goodbye” – Mark Knopfler Guitar Lesson

“If This Is Goodbye” – Mark Knopfler Guitar Lesson

If This Is Goodbye by Pavel Fomenkov - Guitar Lesson

Pavel Fomenkov is back with a new video lesson for acoustic guitar. Another one song from Mark Knopfler, this time from his studio album which he did with Emmylou Harris in 2006 – “All the Roadrunning”.

Pavel send us email, and he told us that he is back from holiday with another video for all Dire Straits and DSB fans and readers. “Such a simple song could be such a breathtaking and inspiring masterpiece”, said Fomenkov.

“If This Is Goodbye” is the song of today’s video lesson. Very emotional song because is based on the last telephone call of a woman trapped in the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 in New York City.

In this video, Fomenkov played on his 1997 Gibson Advanced Jumbo guitar, and just in 10 minutes he would show you how to play this wonderful Knopfler’s song on your guitar. Enjoy in this video lesson.

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