Introducing Gibson’s Repair & Restoration Service (TV Video Episode)

Introducing Gibson’s Repair & Restoration Service (TV Video Episode)

Introducing Gibson’s Repair & Restoration Service (TV Video Episode)Introducing Gibson’s Repair & Restoration Service (TV Video Episode)

Gibson guitar company recently exclusively published a very interesting video on their YouTube channel about their exceptional precision in the repairing and restoration process of the guitars.

In the video below, you’ll get an inside look at Gibson Repair & Restoration. Gibson Repair & Restoration has been around since the early 90s.

Their highly skilled craftspeople can handle everything from simple setups to full-on restoration work on high-dollar vintage guitars and everything in between.  And they don’t just work on Gibson’s – all brands are welcome.

Each of the Repair & Restoration team members has considerable repair experience. Most have worked in the industry for at least ten years and know their way around new and vintage instruments.

Most of their craftspeople are qualified to perform complete restorations. Jobs such as neck resets, replacing frets, broken headstock repairs, electronic upgrades and repairs, authentication and valuation services, refinishing, and complete restoration work are all no problem for the skilled craftspeople at Gibson Repair & Restoration.

All brands are welcome! In addition to all Gibson Brands, Gibson Repair & Restoration is fully qualified to work on instruments from any manufacturer. Acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, and even Dobros can be repaired and restored.

Enjoy the video below! Also, send us messages if you’re interested in sharing more blog posts like this one on our website!

GIBSON TV – New Episode – “Introducing Gibson’s Repair & Restoration Service”

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