How to Dial in the Perfect Guitar Tone

How to Dial in the Perfect Guitar Tone

How to Dial in the Perfect Guitar Tone

If you play on a guitar, here is some great tips on how to find your own perfect tone. Enjoy!

Some guitar players like to plug their guitar into an amp and set its tone controls to some tried-and-true settings that they rely on. In the process they miss out on discovering the full range of tones the amp has to offer them.

In this video, Tyler Larson demonstrates his own methodical manner for dialing in the perfect amp tone. He demonstrates how, with all effects turned off, he explores the range of each of his amp’s tone controls to determine its tonal character.

Once he’s dialed in the tone he likes, he moves on the effects, and so on. He concludes by offering some additional tips about using your guitar’s tone control to tweak your tone even further.

“What my perfect tone is, isn’t necessarily what yours is,” Tyler says. “So these tips are a great way to find your own tone.”


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