Couple rare images from Mark Knopfler and his best friends

Couple rare images from Mark Knopfler and his best friends

Mark Knopfler

He will always be in our hearts. His music is special to us and completely in one word – Mark is legend. Many songs, lyrics, hits and many collaborations that he had during his career in the middle of 80s and 90s were significant for his biography and music career.

After Dire Straits, Mark started solo career which was also incredible and as a solo guitarist and musician he is still active. This March we are expecting new solo album from him and maybe another tour around Europe, UK and USA. We will see, what would be happening.

For today we have interesting couple rare images from Mark Knopfler and his friends Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton… enjoy!

Mark and Tina Turner, probably somewhere in studio.
Retro portrait of Mark Knopfler from late 80s.
Mark Knopfler together with his best friends Eric Clapton and Phil Collins.
Mark Knopfler somewhere in the middle of 80s, trying to explain something.
Mark Knopfler in the studio with cigarette and sunglasses. Classic image from him.

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