One Rare Photo from the Wedding of Mark Knopfler and Kitty Aldridge

One Rare Photo from the Wedding of Mark Knopfler and Kitty Aldridge

mark-knopfler-25th-wedding-anniversary-kitty-aldridge-dire-straits-blog-news-views-on-the-photo-elegance-dsbMark Knopfler and Kitty Aldridge - Wedding photo (1997)

Last month on February 14th, legendary musician, songwriter and one of the greatest guitarists of all time – Mark Knopfler has celebrated the 25th anniversary of his marriage to the beautiful British actress and writer Kitty Aldridge.

For all the fans and followers, Mark Knopfler has posted a beautiful photo that was taken about 25 years ago. Actually, the photo is taken in 1997, and from it, we can see the beautiful views of this wonderful couple. At that time Mark was 47-years-old, while Kitty Aldridge was 35-years-old. The couple has two children, the beautiful Isabella Knopfler and Katya Ruby Rose Knopfler.

The photo also shows that Mark and Kitty are dressed appropriately. Kitty wears a beautiful white and elegant dress, she had white earrings and a wedding ring. On the other side, Mark was in a rectangular suit, in the style of James Bond, a tie and a white shirt.

In the background are overgrown roses and flowers, three lit candles in order to capture the moment of love, elegance, and luxury that lead to the birth of wonderful harmony in their marriage.

The couple toast with a glass of wine or champagne. This photo is really beautiful and deserves to be shared. “Our 25th Wedding Anniversary today,” Mark Knopfler has written.

Mark Knopfler and Kitty Aldridge – Wedding photo (1997)


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