“Your Latest Trick” – Dire Straits Acoustic Cover by Jefferson Marcal

“Your Latest Trick” – Dire Straits Acoustic Cover by Jefferson Marcal

“Your Latest Trick” – Dire Straits Acoustic Cover by Jefferson Marcal“Your Latest Trick” – Dire Straits Acoustic Cover by Jefferson Marcal

As you already know the people on the internet shared every day so many reworked cover versions from the Dire Straits songs.

Today, we would like to share with you two cover videos in the performance of Jefferson Marcal Pereira. Namely, Jefferson Marcal Pereira is a 42-years old guitarist who comes from Viana, Espírito Santo, Brazil. Originally he is from there.

In 1996 Jefferson has joined a Brazilian music band, and he was with that band until 1998. The same year he joined a country band which he played until the late 2000s. After that, he started a band where mostly he played Dire Straits songs.

This is the first blog-post about him exclusively on Dire Straits Blog. We have asked him a couple of questions about himself. So, he was in the mood to give us answers and share his thoughts with all readers of our blog. He also revealed to us that he works as a guitarist in Brazil, and he has a country-style band.

 “I learned to play on guitar when I was 12-years old, here in my place. Actually at the farm where I lived,” he said. Also, he told us about his favorite bands, artists, and music styles he likes.

Most of his spare time he is using to ride motorcycles and playing football (soccer) which is a very popular sport in Brazil.

“From the music styles, I like rock, country, blues, bossa nova, forro. And from the bands and artists, my influences were Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and many more.”

Jefferson has started to listen to Dire Straits in 1984. He listened to the “Sultans of Swing,” and since 1998 he is performing and playing this song. So far, he has made about 10 video covers of Dire Straits songs. Today we announce his covers for the songs “Your Latest Trick,” and “Sultans of Swing.”

The acoustic cover version for the song “Your Latest Trick” is made on May 15, 2017. That is a full video in the length of almost 7-minutes.

In addition to the second video where Jeff actually performed a solo of “Sultans of Swing,” he also gives you a short lesson on how to play this phenomenal solo on your electric guitar.

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