Wilson Teixeira and His Amazing Style of Creating Videos

Wilson Teixeira and His Amazing Style of Creating Videos

Wilson Teixeira

Firstly we must get to know Wilson Texieira. This is from his website – he is the son of journalist Wilson Ogunhê. Born in the Avaré in the interior of São Paulo Brazil, he brings his compositions with perfect rural and urban music, with the melodies deeply influenced by Brazilian regional expressions.

Wilson knows how to combine the music of the great masters of Brazilian popular music without leaving a touch of experimentalism. In 2015 he released his new CD Casa Alberta, which was the second album of his career which brings the contemporary folk mixed with unique style of the viola by Wilson Teixeira.

In his 15-year career Wilson has recorded many videos in São Paulo with Leo Siqueira and Fernando Pequeno, and then music videos, which he has nationally released through the Multishow Channel. Today in social networks Wilson has an amazing own style of creating videos. He has reached a large audience with creating video versions of songs played in the viola.

With a really amazing classic style, while you listen to Wilson’s performance, you will be absolutely relaxed. You can check it now three videos from Wilson where play Dire Straits songs. “So Far Away”,“Your Latest Trick” and “Why Worry”. More videos on his YouTube Channel here.

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