“Wild West End” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux

“Wild West End” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux

“Wild West End” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux“Wild West End” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux

Our dear friend, musician, and guitarist from France – David Claux almost every month publishes a new video cover from some of the songs by Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. This time, we would like to present to you his newest video cover for the song “Wild West End” by Dire Straits.

The video cover for the song “Wild West End” is published on December 15th, 2020, and so far have good reviews and positive reactions from the fans. For this successful video cover, David has played on four guitars. The video includes his Fender guitars (steel one and the electric Stratocaster) as well as his Taylor acoustic guitar and bass guitar.

Here is what he wanted to say about this video cover:

“I’ve always loved ‘Wild West End’ because I can just pick up the guitar (the steel guitar in that case) and sing over it, and it already sounds amazing.”

“All the other instruments, including the subdued drum line, just contribute to making something great even better. ‘Wild West End’ is perhaps one of the strongest examples of Mark’s electric guitar responding to his singing, and playing that part is surprisingly hard because of the incredible nuances and subtleties Mark put in there.”

“I hope you enjoy it, and as usual a nice comment or a like is always welcome! Take care of yourselves,” David finished.

So far, David with us shared great cover videos including “Telegraph Road,” “Southbound Again,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Lady Writer,” “Sultans of Swing,” and many more.

If you want, you can click here and find some other blog articles from him on our website blog. David is definitely a great musician who loves the music of Dire Straits, and with his talent, he delights our fans and followers. Please enjoy!

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