Vinyl Review from Dire Straits first album (1978)

Vinyl Review from Dire Straits first album (1978)


When Dire Straits started to make vinyl and albums they were very young, with a lot of ideas and power in their guitars. They made their first album in 1978 which had a few good songs such as “Down To The Waterline” and of course their best hit “Sultans of Swing”.

A much better version from “Sultans of Swing” is the one from Alchemy Live Tour but it’s still pretty good. “Down To The Waterline” is very catchy and is one of the favorites songs with the audience. The album has a folkey sound to it and is a bit raw, but very smooth.

The overall sound is, in a way, calming. Sort of something one would listen after a hard days work, maybe with a glass of wine. Also, that it is neat to see how the band has progressed through the years by comparing this album to, say, “Brothers In Arms”.

How does it sound? – Because today we have a lot of computers, the sound of this good album may not be able to be the same, sound quality wise, than what it sounds like on vinyl. The magic of vinyl is to take you back in time. The vocals sound fantastic and the guitars really sing and sound super life-like. Also the bass is typically good and it sounds quite pleasing to the ear and generally smooth.

To put it another way, it simply sounds natural – properly mastered and produced. It’s almost a no-contest compared to modern rock. Modern rock sounds inadequate by comparison, mostly due to it being overtly and obnoxiously loud and sterile. This one vinyl that we have down below on pictures is from 1978. The record is a bit lighter than some of others.

Album art – the music is more important than the album art, but if you can imagine how much it cost to print cover art and things like that in that time…the front cover is an abstract picture of what looks like an apartment. The inner sleeve has a nice black and white of the band on one side and the song lyrics on the other. The inner sleeve is glossy paper as opposed to a poly-sleeve.


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