Video: Amazing ‘Sultans of Swing’ Guitar Solo by Arabic Band

Video: Amazing ‘Sultans of Swing’ Guitar Solo by Arabic Band

Imeqssan Band

Today, we have found an amazing band, for which we do not have a many information. The band is called Imeqssan Band and they are probably from some of the Arabic countries.

In the video below you can watch how they played the solo of one of the best Dire Straits songs – ‘Sultans of Swing’ in their own style. You can see that they are probably new band full with the energy for playing guitars and singing.

In the video they are four musicians, one of them play on drums and the others played bass and electric guitars.

We tried to find more information for this band, but we didn’t find anything. As we wrote they are probably new band. Anyway, if someone of the guys from the band read this please contact us.

The video where they are playing amazing solo from ‘Sultans of Swing’ is uploaded on 22th March 2019 on their YouTube Channel. The video lasts one minute and a forty-six seconds and you can watch it below. Enjoy!


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