“TvWales” – Internet community which support musicians

“TvWales” – Internet community which support musicians


“TvWales” is an internet community TV station, focused on Llandudno which supports and encourage interest in local emerging musical talent and in local community events and news. It is the brainchild of Glyn Hughes who uses his technical and recording skills to support it and is entirely non-profit making.

“TvWales” promotes two events “PHABSTOCK”, something like a two day ‘Music Festival’ on Llandudno promenade on August Bank Holiday and “Music Nights” in the ‘London Bar’ Llandudno. However, “TvWales” support also many amateur and professional musicians who like to join this interesting music promoting. Below, we found three videos from different musicians on TvWales, where they played songs from Dire Straits.

It is interesting because they also played many songs from today’s popular music bands and artists, and some of them played and signed songs which are theirs. In the first video Victoria Sharpe preforms “Romeo and Juliet”, live on “TvWales” at piano on Next Level Venue on October 30, 2016 in Cymru.

The song is from 1981 and is originally written by Mark Knopfler. At this event, all artist and performers played over five hours of great music.

The second video is by Alan Doyle, he played the “Sultans of Swing” song on acoustic guitar – at “TvWales” – Music Nights. This video is also from 2016. Alan plays this song pretty well and singed in his own music style he little changed this song, mostly in the rhythm.

And the last video is also on Music Nights. Band called “Double Vision” – played “Sultans of Swing”.

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